Adobe promises December launch for Flash on Galaxy Nexus [UPDATE]

November 29, 2011

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Imagine our surprise when review units of the Galaxy Nexus couldn't access Adobe Flash on the Android Market. It turns out that this had nothing to do with Adobe's unceremonious drop of mobile Flash, but rather the fact that the current application simply needed an update to support either the Galaxy Nexus or Ice Cream Sandwich. According to Adobe's official Flash blog, both Flash and AIR will be updated sometime next month in order to support the Galaxy Nexus.

No mention of Ice Cream Sandwich was made, and it's an interesting omission. Will the update make Flash compatible with all of the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich devices, like the Asus Transformer Prime? Will Flash need to be adjusted for each major hardware release after the main development has ended? We've contacted Adobe for clarification, and are awaiting a response.

UPDATE: An Adobe representative informed us that the planned update will work with all upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich devices and upgrades, not just the Galaxy Nexus. Huzzah!

Adobe's last major revision of Flash hit the Android Market earlier this month. Moving forward the company will offer small stability and security updates, and in one case at least, support for high-profile new hardware. After that, the company will shift focus to its HTML5 tools, essentially giving a mea culpa to its headline-grabbing fight with Apple last year. The decision has not been well-received by Android enthusiasts or Flash developers.

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  • alexander rojas

    oh how i want one :/

  • Stfupunks

    And Verizon promises you a Gnex, um, “we never gave a release date. You will just have to wait until we feel you deserve one!”. I hate vzw!

  • Me

    what is it with geeks and their hardon gor flash?