Action Snap for Android Released


Phones are quickly replacing cameras in day-to-day life. Sure, they’re not the optimal quality, but when life throws something at you, more than likely you’ll have your mobile phone ready to take some quick photos. Action Snap is here to further improve that user experience with a whole new take on a mobile phone camera application.

The application will allow you to take 4 simultaneous pictures and combine them into a series so the picture is an action snap or “moving.” The UI is incredibly simple which allows for easy captures and the entire application can be an easy replacement for the stock camera app.

This application takes several combinations of photos with Lomography, Black and White, and Normal modes on one end, single frame, four vertical frames, and four tiny shots on the other. The idea here with the last two options is that it fires off four shots one after another so that you get a unique photo with several frames. The application is available now, for free, in the Android Market.

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[Via SlashApps]

  • Thanks Dylan! Glad you like the app, we are going to put more interesting elements to the future version.

  • Raptor007

    Looks like a cool app, and I am glad to see it coming to Android. Once my new ThunderBolt arrives this will be quickly added to it.

  • Rav

    Personally I find it a little sad. This app and apps like it seek to imitate film and various film cameras; at the same time promote the death of film by using it rather than film. If you want the look of film maybe try shooting film. If you want cross-processed saturation maybe have have a roll of film cross-processed. If you want the look of a certain Lomography or vintage camera, maybe shoot with one rather than a cell phone and some fancy scripts that do it all for you.