As you may already know, we’ve got not only a new logo coming down the chute, but a whole new look coming your way soon! And of course, along with that comes not only web-based products, but objects that you can touch and hold and even wear, too! What we were doing today was getting some shirts as fast as we could, multiple made up at a time just so we could get them to YOU, posthaste! Take a peek at our production video below and get all the details you need to get one of three shirts we’re giving out FREE!

So, you’re all pumped up that we’re getting your back with a high-quality embroidered polo so that you look beyond fashionable as you walk down the Android runway, yes? Hold your horses! First you’ve got to take a peek at a radically awesome production video – have a peek!

[vms 219641434683dd9d18a0]

Now for the details on how you can get one of these lovelies for your very own. The rules are very simple: all you’ve got to do is head over to our brand new Facebook page that we’ve suited up special for our brand new 2011 revamp and

1. “like” it.
2. post a greeting on the wall: something like “hi there! I love being part of the Android Community!” will do nicely!

And that’s it! We’ll be choosing winners at 6PM PST on Thursday night!

What are you waiting for, head out! Also take a look at the rest of the gallery shot by our professional photographer Vince and his lovely assistants Lynnsie and Allison. Take a short glimpse of a couple photos (*all of which have been taken with an HTC ThunderBolt, by the way,) here, then head over there!

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason we choose, including but not limited to entrants being related directly to a staff member on Android Community, SlashGear, SlashApps, or SlashPhone. You must both “like” AND post a greeting on the wall to be entered into the contest. We will be choosing the winners at random out of a hat behind the scenes. Winners will be notified between Thursday night and Saturday morning. Don’t be tardy to your own party!

  • Peter

    Hi there! I don’t like the new logo. It’s an angry face with an aggressive face. Not friendly at all and not inviting to visit your site.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Now allow me to show you the door…keep going…yep right there.

  • Yeah, I agree with Peter. It looks aggressive, like “ANDROID Community… Get Out”

  • Cool Angry Droid Logo! Double Tumbs Up!

  • DROID!

  • Gardenwife

    How cool is that?? I didn’t know Brother made embroidery machines, for one. The new logo looks lean and mean with his eyeliner. LOL On a sidenote, I can’t believe how big your little one’s getting. Pretty little sweetie! <3 Kimberley

    • I do kinda agree with Peter in that the new Droid looks angry. It is definitely something that will uniquely brand you among all the happy-go-lucky Andy faces out there, though!

  • fredaoz

    hi I like the idea on improvise. but the logo is not that convincing. kinda mediocre. make it wow and techy.