The popular Aakash Tablet has been discussed plenty. The $35 Android tablet designed for India’s student population, and we have good news today regarding the Aakash 2 next-gen tablet. It isn’t really next-gen in terms of tablets as a whole but in terms of what you get, and for the low price of $40, or possible free, it will be epic. New details have confirmed it will hit the streets of India in April for just $40.

The Aakash 2 tablet formerly known as the Ubislate 7+ has some better components and should be a much better overall tablet, and the performance should be much improved. According to Shanzia it will be available next month for students across India. Obviously it is still a ridiculously cheap tablet, but round two has some great specs considering the price.

The new Aakash 2 will have a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display (not resistive this time), a 700 MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 3 hours of battery life. It might not sound like much but the previous model only lasted 2 hours if you were lucky, and the performance was quite poor. The new version should be around twice as fast, and we are hearing reports that it will also come equipped with the Android Market, now called the Google Play Store. Sadly we still only have Android 2.2 FroYo but oh well.

It looks like that plan to offer this free to students and teachers wont be happening after all. For $40 you can’t really complain though, because nothing else comes close to being that cheap, especially with a capacitive touch display. Stay tuned for more details and hopefully we’ll get our hands on one this time around.

[via liliputing]

  • Ajaykhanna

    ubislate7+ is the device which datawind launched in the open market through it’s official website… is not aakash-2. THE SPECS FOR AAKASH-2 HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED FOR THYE FIRST TIME TODAY, although it does seem that it closely resembles ubislate7+
    aakash 2 will be an andoid 2.3…..ig it is ubislate7+ then we will have the facility of web access through wifi as well as GPRS…so great features at an unbelievable price! 

  • dilharo
    idiots  look for specs in the companies site….
    resistive 256mb ram no market getjar only…where did you copy this article

    • Shocker

       idiot dilharo 😀

      know before u comment

  • namrata

    Recently i have been hearing a lot about this Xtab A10 which is the cheapest 5 point capacitive, 1.5 GHz, HDMI, USB, Android 4.0 tablet @ Rs 5490 launched by NXG Electronics. Can you please suggest me whether or not i should book this tablet for me as i am really new to this tablet world.

  • Saurabh Sharma

    when i will get. enough is enough

  • Mafianikhil

    heiyy people
    i called to cus. care today and they told me that due to technical upgradation the launching of the same of postpone till april.!!
    great indian govt.

  • Sammy

    fucking company just keep speaking…