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AdMob Beta Released – Track Your Profits in Stylish Black and Red

So you're cashing in on your sweet, sweet Android app and/or game series connected to the AdMob target="_blank"network for mobile advertising and you've got a hankering for some exactitude. You can see the piles of money stacking up, but you can't see where it's all coming from. You want to see your numbers plain and simple, and you want to see them in blasting white, black, and red. You're in luck - developer Matthew Gaunt has the app for you. It's AdMob [Beta] and it's ready to feed you what you need.

Futhead now available as an app for Android devices

European football season is set to kick off next week, and for those who are scrambling to create their dream squads for their FIFA 15 video game or just their office pool, they need all the help they can get to do well in their respective fantasy pools. Futhead, a hugely popular community for those who play FIFA (not the organization okay), has released an app so you can have easier and more convenient access to the community’s features and news, even when you’re mobile through your Android device.

Google’s new features help developers manage search ads on Play Store

Discoverability on the Google Play Store can sometimes be a pain, especially if your app is similar to or in competition with a lot of other apps. A few months ago, Google gave several developers and app makers the ability to run ads on the search results page in the Play Store itself. And now, they are expanding this with the new Search Ads on Google Play program that will allow more developers and advertisers to run ad campaigns on the store itself and the search results.

European Android developers left unpaid and angry

In what seems to be a massive oversight on Google's part, developers from all over Europe are reporting that their expected Android Market/Google Play Store payments for early March have not been delivered. Though the payments are marked as delivered in the internal developer systems, the money simply isn't appearing in developers' accounts. Those who have reached out to Google directly via developer support channels have thus far been met with silence. After almost a week of reports in the Google Checkout help section, the primary complaint thread has hundreds of replies.

Android Community Evening Wrap-Up: March 9, 2012

Wrapping up the last day of the work week, here are today's top stories. The world had thought the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S II would receive Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) tomorrow, March 10th. It turns out that their statement was faulty, and that they will let customers know when they plan on rolling out the update. So as of now, owners of the original GSII are going to have to wait.

Google buys the world a Coke via mobile ads

It's a happy day for children and dentists the world over. Google and Coca-Cola have partnered for a new advertising campaign that recalls the 1971 "hilltop" ad and literally buys the world a Coke. Users on Android and iOS with AdMob-served browser or app ads can click on Coca-Cola ads and send a free Coke to specially-made vending machines around the world, saving a random stranger a buck or two and making their lunchbreak. Of course ,none of this would be worth it without a little feel-good validation, so you can send a "Here's your Coke!" message to the vending machine, and receive an email or video response from your thankful recipient.

AT&T offers in-app local advertising for developers

AT&T is set to release tools for app developers which would allow them to use location based advertising. Up until now, app developers had to rely on national ad campaigns and often, those ads were of little value to users. With the new location based advertising, the in app ads suddenly become more viable to the app user and provider more income since companies tend to pay more for location based ads. It's a huge development which strikes right at the heart of Google's dominance with AdMob.
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