Garmin-Asus phone available in June for $199

May 11, 2010

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Well, the price and date is set. The Garmin-Asus Android phone will release in June for $199 on T-Mobile. This price is only for new 2 year contracts with a qualifying rate plan. T-Mobile is also rumored to load it up with a few apps, I wonder what they could be.

This phone will cost you $450 off contract which may be a little steep once you consider the limitations of this device. Early reviews of this device have not been favorable and many people do not like the UI of the phone. Couple that with Android 1.6 and no mention of 2.1 and this device may not sell as well as T-Mobile may be anticipating. But, if you travel a lot this device is almost a lock to be an awesome navigation device to have handy and you can make calls on it. Anybody going to be waiting in line for this?

[via engadget]

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