Motorola Tao caught in the wild

If you were all excited by the Motorola Sholes phone that was all over the place a few months back and then went silent for a while, apparently the handset has been spied in the wild. The device you see pictured here is the Motorola Tao, supposedly the final version of the Sholes.

HTC Dev Phone gets Android 1.6 firmware

Android OS 1.6 for developers has been released, though frustratingly you'll need an Android Developer Phone - aka one of HTC's patterned, unlocked Dreams - in order to install it.  The release gives developers an opportunity to get to grips with the latest build of Android, prior to OS 1.6 being pushed to consumer devices. Android 1.6 brings with it support for alternative screen sizes, CDMA support and a new text-to-speech engine.  There's also a new scaling algorithm, which means that developers may not have to rework their core software in order to suit different sized displays. Even if you have a standard, unlocked Dream it will need to have the original factory bootloader (hboot 0.95.3000) or a development bootloader that supports fastboot in order to install the new build.  We're expecting to see hacks putting 1.6 onto regular devices soon, but for most users you're probably better off waiting until an official OS release. [youtube][/youtube]

Acer A1 up for preorder on Expansys

Apparently, at least for a while today retailer Expansys had the Acer Android powered A1 smartphone listed for preorder on its website. At the time of this writing, the website says the page can't be displayed when you visit it.

The Washington Post looks at Sprint HTC Hero

The Washington Post has looked at the Sprint HTC Hero mobile phone and says that the handset is a big leap for Sprint and its Android line in hardware and software. However, the handset isn’t perfect with notable flaws like slow performance, unreliable video playback, and a hard to use touch keyboard. The publication points out that the Sprint device looks like a different phone with a more rounded design and lacking the "chin" of the HTC original. The hardware buttons are rearranged and have a trackball in the center. Build quality is good with a sturdy build and solid design. The multitouch function of the Hero earns high marks compared to other Android devices. In the end, the reviewer says the Hero is for the tech lover and a nice choice on the Sprint network.

Android not there yet?

Android has been on the market for a year now and according to the San Francisco Chronicle the Os is still "not there yet." With all the Android handsets and other devices being launched onto the market and the buzz that Android devices are creating it is hard to see where the OS is failing though it still needs a few improvements.

Android headsets heading to India

Android is being talked about and making big news here in America as new handsets flood the market with the open source OS. However Android is also very popular in other parts of the world as well. Samsung has announced that it plans to launch more Android handsets in India.

Far EasTone unveils more Android handset plans

I have never heard of a phone maker called Far EasTone, which is most likely because the company makes handsets specifically for the Taiwanese market and I am in America. The company has announced that it will be launching more Android devices this year than it had previously said.
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