We’ve already talked about how mobile photography has grown leaps and bounds the past years, with the introduction of various apps and accessories to help you take professional-looking quality pictures with just your smartphone. Now if what what you’re looking for is a great price, portability and ease of use, then you might not want to read the rest of this piece. But if you’re looking for something that may be a bit bulky but will give you excellent photo and/or video quality, then take a look at the Olympus Air A01 camera module.

To compete with Sony’s QX line, Olympus introduced their Air A01 wireless camera early this year. It’s obviously larger than Sony’s from the get-go, but now adding items to the module makes it even larger than your usual DSLR set-up. Aside from the Air A01 itself where you attach your smartphone to, you now have a huge (and long) ZUIKO zoom lens that you include in your set-up.

It will of course give you a very powerful zooming capability, with a telephoto lens effect of 1,200 mm, but when you use it, you actually look like you’re about to shoot at an enemy in the battlefield. You probably can prop it up in a bunch of different ways, but the suggested best way to use it would be to hoist it on your shoulder, like you would a rifle. This can of course, lead to very uncomfortable (physically and socially) situations, so you might want to figure out how to use it without being so obtrusive or scary.


But if you need a quality and powerful telephoto lens for your mobile needs, then of course, you might consider actually getting the module. There are no price or availability details available yet, but rest assured, this is no late April Fools’ joke.

VIA: SlashGear