The Galaxy Note 5 is out. Hooray! Fans who’ve been waiting for the next Note phablet was happy to know that most of the leaks and rumors we’ve seen the past few weeks turned out to be true. Not that anything was a surprise but it feels good to know that dreams really do come true. Okay, enough of the geeky drama. The new Note is here for us to enjoy and criticize and maybe in the next few days, watch as a latest subject of brutal drop tests. I’m not looking forward to stress tests but we have to know if the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+ can live up to the many promises by the South Korean giant.

This year’s Galaxy Note 5 has no removable battery and no microSD card slot–much like the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. That decision by Samsung drew the company a lot of criticisms. The Note 5 is no different. It even has a smaller battery compared to last year’s Note 4 but unexpectedly, and perhaps Samsung knew that there will be an improvement, a recent battery life test told us that Note 5’s battery is more efficient compared to the older Note 4.

From 3220 mAh, Note 5’s battery is now 3000mAh. People who only look at the numbers may be surprised about this but it’s better, lasting up to 9 hours and 11 minutes. Reportedly, the Note 4 could only last up to a maximum of 8 hours and 43 minutes. Still not better than some of the latest premium flagship phones by other companies like HTC, Apple, or LG on their phone-tablets but still good enough.

What’s more interesting about the Note 5 is even if the battery is only at 3,000 mAh, charging is fast enough. Phone Arena recently did a test and discovered that it can be fully charged within 81 minutes. That’s one hour and 21 minutes.

Phone Arena listed the performances of the latest smartphones. The Galaxy Note 5’s charging time is behind the ASUS ZenFone 2’s which can be charged within 58 minutes.


As for battery life, the Galaxy Note 5 is just behind the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.


VIA: phoneArena


  1. “Still not better than some of the latest premium flagship phones by other companies like HTC, Apple, LG, or Android on their phone-tablets but still good enough.” — Android? Say what?

      • I think you missed the point there. “Android” is not a company that produces flagship phones as suggested in the above sentence.

  2. Being smaller battery may not going anywhere. Although it has been tested
    to be half an hour better life than note 4, and don’t forget charging
    & recharging cause battery wear and tear over time. It’s not a wise move by Samsung, where users not able to swap
    with spare battery when need arises for such a powerful device with premium price
    we paid for this device!. Better look for some other brand, perhaps LG is picking up and
    understand power users better. Or Apple for much stable and no-lagging performance

  3. What dumbass decided it was cool to eliminate removable batteries from a device that is expected to be running all the time yet only gets 9 hours (AT BEST) battery life and then needs one and a half hours to recharge? BTW, I can “recharge” my Note 3 in under a minute– I SWAP THE BATTERY! With my level of usage, I carry 2 charged spare batteries with me.

  4. Where in the world is the first-class Samsung flagship phone with ALL the features: the Samsung Note 5 Edge? The weakling S6+ and Note 5 iCompetitors strutted-out on August 13th are going to take Samsung, following down the same well-trodden path as HTC, directly to oblivion. I’ll just keep my Note 4 Edge & Gear S for another year, thank you!

    I want to see in addition to all of the Note 5 features on a new Edge Note 5: 1) Exynos 7422 octa-core all-in-one frequency-hopping ARM chip ready for next year’s network speed increases and Android advances, 2) 10,000mAh battery, 3) dual SIM cards, 4) 256gig super-high-speed storage, 5) 4gig memory along with superior memory management, 6) 4X high-efficiency screen that uses 50% less power, 7) a physical camera button and much better camera software interface, 8) USBc port for superior charging & data transfer, 9) power button on top so I don’t accidentally shutdown the phone while adjusting volume, 10) more “medical” sensors, like blood-sugar, skin stress galvanometer, blood pressure, heart rate irregularities, motion-stress indicators, and software to diagnose dangerous situations, 11) highly improved and more Edge mini-apps, 12) stereo speakers on the front, 13) the wallet-cover in-the-box, the cordless charging base in-the-box, the Gear S2 in-the-box. I don’t think that is too much to ask for $1,000 dollars US.

    • I see you’re smiling in your avatar photo, so I assume you really don’t expect to get THAT device (ever?), but nice rant regardless. 🙂 Coming back to Earth for a moment, all I would ask is please don’t eliminate removable batteries until you have a device that will honestly run fully loaded for at least a full day. And charging packs, while useful, are not a practical substitute unless you carry your phone in a brief case or something.


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