Record Calls on your Galaxy S

Like we often talk about, the devs over at XDA Developers are hard at work like they always are. This time XDA member antsm has developed a modification of the Phone.apk that will allow users to record phone calls. This is still very much a work in progress like many things and will only get better with time. He is working on it for the Galaxy S but once it gets working better I'm sure it can be added to many other devices.

SlingPlayer for Android updates with HQ Video mode

Slingbox has updated it's popular SlingPlayer for Android app and added a high quality video mode for those who love to watch their TV on the go. In addition, the new update fixes a connectivity issue that some T-Mobile and Motorola Atrix users have been frustrated with. And users can now enjoy a full screen mode when on composite, s-video and coax inputs.

Firefox 4 Beta for Android “really” is that much faster

Yesterday we told you about the Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android that was released to the Android Market yesterday morning. Mozilla claims they have not only made it more stable, and more efficient. They also mentioned two things that are a huge part of what browser I use on my Android Phone and that is speed, and size. With each beta release the browser has got a little faster, and the file size once installed has got a little smaller. When it was first released to beta it was slow and huge and not able to transfer to your SD card. Things have changed with the last few updates and Mozilla and Firefox are well on their way to having a great browser for mobile.

Sony creates ultra-fast phone camera packed with MP

Sony is developing a camera phone sensor with the serious photographer in mind. The new sensor is packed with nearly 18 MP and can fire off high speed burst photographs. Traditionally, phone camera sensors bog down in speed, but Sony has developed a technique where the camera can process pixels in parallel, which takes up to 75 percent less time to generate an image.

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play to get extra attention at GDC 2011

Back at Mobile World Congress 2011 Sony Ericsson officially announced the Xperia Play. Dubbed the "Playstation Phone" it has been leaked time and time again and still looks to be a killer device. Especially for those Android Gamers. Come next week at Game Developers Conference 2011 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Xperia PLAY will most likely get some extra attention during two special GDC sessions featuring Kim Ahlstrom. He leads Sony Ericsson’s Platform Software Development team.

Gingerbread update adjusts colors in Nexus S

Nexus S users enjoying the pure Google experience may find the colors a bit muted after upgrading their OS to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Additionally, some users are complaining that colors seem washed. Google says that the colors in the Gingerbread update reflect an adjustment to the color temperature settings. The adjustment makes the Gingerbread UI darker which directly affects how the colors themselves are perceived.

Sprint suspends Epic 4G Froyo roll-out

Yesterday, we posted a work around for Spring Epic 4G users who were having trouble with the Android 2.2 (Froyo) upgrade. The issues were reported to be with data connectivity to the SD card and failure to access photos, music etc. The work around revolved a hard reset. But it seems now that the issue is more involved than previously thought as Sprint has completely suspended the Froyo roll-out until they can figure out where the issue really lies.

Android Gaming: Vendetta Online for Tegra 2

Vendetta Online looks to be an amazing game, Brought to us by Guild Software. Android Gaming is about to get much more exciting over the next few weeks and months. With the onslaught of Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core phones and tablets things are surely to get interesting. Tegra 2 is a very powerful Dual Core 1 Ghz processor as you all know, and it will be one of the main factors in taking Android gaming to the next level and more as we prepare to start the rise to beat iPhone in gaming.

CyanogenMod 7 gets a beautiful Statusbar Pulldown Mod

With the ever so changing and continued development by the amazing TeamDouche Developers, CyanogenMod is always improving. They add things daily and push nightly builds for all you crack flashers like myself. With the quick development we at times run into issues where things like MOD's or Morphs don't work or are outdated. It's good they move so fast, but a bad thing for those that like to personalize their Android phone. Those that follow some of the pulldown status bar mod's for CM7 I'm sure you all know who @rorifree is. If not, he is the man behind this great looking MOD.

Push App helps Facebook and Twitter users save battery life

Tired of having to sync his Android device every give minutes to update his Twitter and Facebook feeds, XDA developer "rosenbaa29" has found a workaround thanks to an app called "PUSHEE." The app is designed to bypass the automatic refresh cycle of apps like Facebook and Twitter, which can drain an Android battery pretty quickly. Still in it's BETA stage, Pushee is the first ever social push notification app for Android designed to save battery power and notifies users by push notification, rather than sync.
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