When ZTE announced the winner of its crowd-sourced upcoming new smartphone, people were pretty excited to see if this social experiment of sorts will be able to actually come to fruition. Well, we still haven’t seen the actual “eye-tracking, self-adhesive” phone but it seems that the OEM is really serious about making this a community effort (and an actual product). They are now opening up the naming of the product to the public and will give a “small cash prize” to the one that they will be choosing as the official name of the upcoming mobile device.

According to Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA, they received so much feedback and participation when they were developing the winning Project CSX idea, which ended up becoming a smartphone that you can stick on any surface to give you a truly hands-free experience. And they would like to continue to gather input from consumers, this time around, for the name of the device itself, hoping to rally more people “to bring exceptional creativity and bold ideas”.

People will be able to submit their suggestions for the device name until December 5 through the ZTE USA website. Everyone will then be able to vote for which ones they think are actually pretty good ideas for names of what may be a groundbreaking smartphone. The top five entries will then be identified and it is from there where the winner will be chosen.

The final name will be announced during CES 2017, happening this January 5-8 in Las Vegas. No news yet on whether the device itself will be unveiled but logically, that should happen as well. We are looking forward to actually seeing the smartphone which was developed by the Z-Community members themselves.