Thanks to mobile carriers for bringing WiFi and expanding 4G/LTE network coverage in most locations in the US but for those who are always on the road, literally spending a lot of time inside vehicles, here’s ZTE Mobley. It’s the first ever plug-in vehicle WiFi hotspot from AT&T that allows a maximum of five mobile devices to connect for Internet access.

ZTE USA and AT&T joint forces to offer the ZTE Mobley which will be available two days from now on September 11. You can get one online or in most AT&T retail stores. With this in-vehicle hotspot, you can stream videos, play online games, or just browse the web on AT&T’s fast LTE network. The device must be plugged into an OBD II port to work. It powers the Mobley automatically so no need to charge and recharge every time.

The ZTE Mobley features a Qualcomm MDM9215 processor that works with AT&T’s 4G LTE network. It turns on when the car is running so you can connect to the WiFi as quickly as possible.¬†You can get the plug-in device from AT&T for free but with a 2-year contract or $100 with no agreement.

DataConnect plan is available in 1GB or 3GB plans for only $20 and $30, respectively. AT&T’s 4G LTE is fast and usually reliable but it’s still not available everywhere in the country. There may be areas where connection is slow or weak but AT&T will automatically switch to 3G to connect you to the Internet.