Whenever you think the zombie pop culture craze has died down, along comes another game that will appeal to your inner zombie-killing child. Just when you think you’re done with Plants vs Zombies and its likes, you get a sequel to a game that you previously enjoyed. Zombieville USA 2 (and its original) was one of the more popular games in this genre, and finally after years of being available for iOS devices, it has now finally arrived for Android smartphones and tablets.

The side scrolling shooter is still the same ole zombie shooting game that you probably enjoyed, if this genre is your thing. There is no deep backstory, other than the fact that you have weapons and you must survive the hordes of the undead that are coming your way. You can do it on your own with our own array of weapons and skills, or you can slay the zombies together with your friends.

It is just a simple pick up and play kind of arcade game, but you’ll find yourself addicted to shooting at the zombies and sometimes even knifing and kicking and them. There are a lot of unlock able content, including characters, skills, weapons, upgrades and a whole lot of items you will need to survive the zombie apocalypse.

You can download Zombieville USA 2 from the Google Play Store for just $0.99. There are no more in-app purchases so you can just play away without worrying about having to buy something.