ZeptoLab, the developers behind the Cut The Rope games as well as Pudding Monsters has announce a new game. This latest will be Cut The Rope 2 and it looks like it will be arriving later in the year. The folks at ZeptoLab have yet to offer much in the way of specifics and have instead said the game was going to launch “worldwide this winter.” In the meantime, they did offer some game related teasers though.

This one is being teased as a game that will “re-imagine the universe of Om Nom, the iconic star of Cut the Rope, with new twists on classic gameplay, never-before-seen characters, interactive environments and a captivating story that will appeal to new players and existing fans alike.” Basically, this release is expected to bring new adventures, new characters and more and will continue with the mission about how ZeptoLab likes to examine the science of fun.

Aside from a bit of teasing for this new release, ZeptoLab also took some time to share numbers for the other games. In this case, it was said their games have now topped the 400 million download mark. This is a global number and there was also talk about how they have reached 60 million active monthly users.

Those downloads come from Cut The Rope (the original from 2010), Cut The Rope: Experiments, Cut The Rope: Time Travel and Pudding Monsters. And interestingly enough, ZeptoLab has said this makes for more than 875 levels of gameplay and users have cut more than 60 billion ropes at a pace of 42,000 per minute with almost 20 billion candles having been given to Om Nom.

That all being said, while ZeptoLab has in the past released games for both Android and iOS, we have yet to see if this new Cut The Rope 2 release would arrive for both platforms at the same time or if one or the other will have to wait a bit longer. Either way, the rollout is said to be coming this winter.