If you do decide you still love Amazon after the re-revelation from yesterday you may all have heard about, there’s a free app waiting for you by the name of Yumsters. This app is a strategy game that will certainly remind you of your favorite childhood slam on the trigger game Hungry Hungry Hippos in that you’re in control of these “Yumster” creatures and your goal is to make them eat all the fruit. What fruit, you might ask? Why, the fruit that’s covering the gridded game board, of course. Oddities and strangeness abound!

This game is definitely an odd one, but certainly not in a bad way. While you’ll jump into this game expecting a child’s entertainment situation, you’ll be getting a full-fledged hardcore tap and drag strategy game that counts down the time until you’ve got to have that board clear or you wont get any coins! You’ll have to find the ways to knock out the correct fruits in the correct order, and you’ll have to do it with multiple heads and necks of Yumsters in your way – your own!

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Take a look at the video to see how this game plays out, and tell me if it reminds you of anything. It’s sort of like a combination of Tetris-like games and combination strategy, allowing YOU the tools you need to accurately take the randomly-appearing puzzle of fruits apart, piece by piece, row by row.

You can grab this game for FREE today from the Amazon Appstore if you dare, all the information on what you need to do so can be found in our big Android Community 101: Amazon Appstore, sitting in wait for your perusal. One of the questions that was a subject of discussion when the Amazon Appstore launched and has recently brought some attention to the “openness” aspect of the Amazon Appstore is the face that once you delete the store from your device, you can no longer access any of the applications you’d downloaded previously from the store. Even the Android Market doesn’t do such a thing. Of course, the Android Market doesn’t allow you to delete it without root, too, but that’s beside the point. Or is it?

Is the fact that your apps are essentially bound to the store alright just so long as you’re able to delete the market and the games at a later date, no problem? Ask that question of yourself, then go download Yumsters.