Yahoo has made an official statement regarding AT&T’s choice of  their search engine as the default in the upcoming Motorola Backflip. As we all know the Backflip is an Android device, yet Google Search will not be including in AT&T’s version of MotoBlur.

A Yahoo spokesperson regarding the AT&T Android Phone made this statement:

“We are happy that AT&T has chosen Yahoo! Search as the default mobile search service on the Motorola Backflip, AT&T’s first Android device. We have a long-standing relationship with AT&T and more than 80 carrier partnerships around the world for our award-winning mobile search experience. Mobile search continues to be a focus for investment and innovation at Yahoo!. It is an important part of our range of mobile Internet services, which include our popular mobile home page, apps for iPhone and other leading platforms, Yahoo! Mail and Messenger and others Yahoo! services.”

What do you think is the next Google App to be taken out of their OS? AIM instead of Gtalk? Will Yahoo Mail get the nod over Gmail? The original story is here.

[via androidspin]