As you might already very well know, hackin’ ain’t easy. At least for most non-obsessed aka devoted developers in this world, and that why when one of those awesome maniacs creates a tool that makes the whole process easier for everyone else, they get high fives, all around. Today there’s a couple of fellow by the names of Bin4ry and Androxyde who’ve created a tool for you Xperia x10 users that can flash original images (Android 1.6 and 2.1 images,) as well as root, install and recover, clean your ROM, and even clean your cache. Wowzers.

There is a note, a note that says that before you can flash, you’ve got to connect your device in Flashmode, and be sure to wipe userdata if you plan on switching between 1.6 and 2.1. If you do not wipe, you’ll be in for a real treat – endless restarting! Now if that doesn’t scare you, head over to the correct thread at XDA developers for the downloads and instructions: AIO FlashTool.

[Via XDA Developers]


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