Xiaomi used to be number one in the Chinese mobile market but was soon taken over by Huawei. The OEM has big potential because its smartphones and other smart products always sell wherever market they are sold. The company launches items with high-end specs but still with affordable prices. Unfortunately, the brand hasn’t reached the United States and Western Europe yet despite the demand.

We know Xiaomi was the 2nd biggest phone brand in India in 2016 Q4. It’s also No. 3 in Myanmar, Indonesia, and Ukraine. It’s already a big company but unlike the smaller startup OnePlus or the Huawei Honor brand, Xiaomi still doesn’t have a fanbase in the US and UK. We don’t think it will hit these new markets anytime soon especially after Hugo Barra left for Facebook.

We believe in Xiaomi phones and its other products. The company has been innovative throughout the years but it’s still struggling to bring the phones in its current and smaller markets. It will only have a more difficult time in America. Sure, Barra once promised Xiaomi will be arriving but he’s gone now so that promise is also gone.

In a recent interview with Engadget, Wang Xiang, Xiaomi Senior Vice President who took over Barra’s responsibilities, did’t give any time frame as to when the Mi 6 may arrive Stateside. Wang, who was formerly Qualcomm China President, said: “Even though we don’t sell in the US or Western Europe, we feel very sorry for not serving them well. What we’re after is a mass market, a massive impact, as opposed to a premium, elite thing. We want innovation for everyone.”

At present, Xiaomi is serving 30 markets. Most of them are still considered developing markets so there really is a huge challenge. The company isn’t in a hurry to serve the developed markets. Main reasons are supply chain and manpower issues that Xiaomi just can’t keep stretching the resources some more. It’s quite understandable because the mobile business can be very tricky.

The US and Europe are big markets. Wang said they don’t want to have any problems with carriers. The company just wants to be careful in doing preparations because they don’t want to ruin the brand.

VIA: Engadget