Xiaomi is definitely entering the US market. Hugo Barra did say that handsets will not be available Stateside anytime soon but the brand will come somday. In a recent interview with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu, the VP of Global Operations said that Xiaomi’s plans are underway to enter the market. Barra also noted that the United State is a very important for most consumer and lifestyle brands.

Xiaomi is just one brand and while it has the time and resources to spend, it will take things slow. When asked why the slow approach, Barra said that the company is still young. Xiaomi has been in the business for only six years. The US is such a complex market so after-sales service and customer support need much effort to do. Launch in a big market must be done carefully.

Xiaomi is arriving but there’s no definite date yet. However, there is one product that will launch in October of this year. We’re guessing it’s going to be a new VR headset although details are scarce.

Xiaomi’s VP noted that they plan on leading with social media, looking to reach the young generation who he described as enthusiastic with technology. Barra also said that Xiaomi is a small company so they still need to be focused for the international expansion. They need to be careful as they did in India where they are reaping success.

Xiaomi is doing great when it comes to finances. They have not raised money in a long time for their own because they don’t need it but they’ve been helping and backing up smaller companies in China. This means Xiaomi is doing okay in the financial department.

From the looks of it, Xiaomi is taking things slow and is actually doing smart moves lately. Perhaps Barra and the other execs don’t want to be on top and then just go down quickly. It makes sense actually.

SOURCE: Bloomberg