Back in the day, before there were computers or smartphones, kids (and even some adults) collected and played with trading cards of their favorite athletes or celebrities. The concept still hasn’t gone away and has just evolved into the digital landscape. The WWE SuperCard card trading game was one of the most popular wrestling-related apps and it’s now back for a “second season” with more wrestling superstars and newer features to make card-battling even more fun.

Yeah, okay, card-battling sounds a bit lame as compared to other action-packed WWE mobile games, but hey, if you enjoy something like this, then this should be great news for you. For the second season, they have an expanded roster with more WWE Superstars, Divas, Legends like Brock Lesnar®, Undertaker®, Stone Cold Steve Austin®, Kevin Owens™, Samoa Joe™, Adrian Neville™, Charlotte™ They’ve also added NXT Superstars and Divas as well.

The Exhibition Deck has also been expanded and now you can have an additional WWE Diva during solo matches. You can also convert the Season 1 cards into Season 2 variants, making them more powerful. You can customize the season 2 cards and earning tokens in the process. The King of the Ring tournament, where 16 characters can compete in multi-day tournaments, has also been enhanced and made into a more strategic kind of tournament.

Just like the first season, you will be able to build your teams of superstars, “train” them to reach their full card potential, then release them into various match modes and fast-paced tournaments. You can download WWE SuperCard or update your existing one to Season 2 through its Google Play Store page.