Words With Friends was an extremely popular game on iDevices for a very long time and we were all excited when it finally came to Android. I’ve played more games of WWF then I would like to admit but I eventually gave up because the game was loaded with bugs, my phone would constantly force close (only during WWF) and it would freeze all the time and even caused a few battery pull moments. Those are never fun.

According to Zynga they are about to release the latest update to version 4.0 to the Android Market. They promise “way less bugs”, tons of new features and lots more friends. We got this little heads up on the new version coming soon from our friends over at androidcentral but so far there seems to be nothing in the Android Market regarding an update.

It looks like this update is almost finished and it will be released to the market any time now for us all to enjoy. We may see the same integration of Facebook that iOS got with version 4.0 and that would make sense if they are claiming “more friends” with the release of v4.0. As long as many of those main bugs are gone this will continue to be a hugely popular game. It currently shows v3.41 in the market but hopefully we will see 4.0 coming soon. To download Words With Friends Free in the market click here.

[via Android Central]