There are several┬ánumerous home speakers available in the market today and honestly, it can be a challenge to choose only one that will suit your fancy. The models we’ve featured here recently are mostly “smart” and Bluetooth-enabled which means you can easily control them sans the wires or even remotely. There may be dozens of brands we’ve featured but perhaps not one started the same way as Whyd did.

Whyd is a startup that began as a social network focused on curating music. It’s more of a community of music lovers, audiophiles, artists, musicians, DJs, producers, and bloggers coming together for their passion for music. It’s a music bookmarking program that allows anyone to set their playlists from several music sources like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Soundcloud, or YouTube.

The group has expanded and has since been responsive to the needs of the members. Most of these people shared that they weren’t happy with or didn’t have any wireless home speaker. The group behind Whyd then thought of coming up with one, thus the birth of the Whyd Home Speaker after a $1.2 million funding was raised in partnership with YCombinator.

The new product is an intelligent speaker that boasts of a 360-degree omnidirectional design, 360 HiFi sound, deep bass, voice control, one dedicated subwoofer, and four full range drivers. It’s another smart speaker that will remind you a lot of the Amazon Echo and the old Samsung R7. You can speak to the Whyd, interact with music, and control music playback. The glass touch panel on top can be used to control the speaker. Special features include voice control, an LCD display screen, intuitive touch control panel, and WiFi-Bluetooth integration.

The home speaker measures 11.5-inch x 7.5-in and weighs only 134 oz. It promises high-quality audio and precise voice control in one beautiful package. It allows Internet music streaming for those times when you want to relax and play your favorite songs.

Still no information on exact availability but pre-order is now open on Place your order and get a $200 discount once the device is ready to ship. Full retail price listed is $499.