Folks across the web who didn’t act fast enough to download the preview package for Android 3.0 Honeycomb a few days ago are apt to find a surprise when they attempt to do so today – it’s gone! Where did it go? Speculation is still out to the dogs as Google’s send out no response!

We’re guessing there’s been a problem where Google’s either had to pull the file for the moment so as to stop speculation into what’ll be shared at the event coming up on Wednesday, February 2nd, but who knows? Any suggestions as to why the file’s been pulled from Google’s database? While we’re all running around with our hands up in the air, let’s also mention that we’ll be there at the Android Honeycomb event reporting to you faster than anyone else on the internet – get pumped up!


    • Not bad at all. Although that ereader is sporting a TI 800mhz processor.

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