European gamers looking to pick up the Sony-Ericcson Xperia Play can up the style points a bit as UK carrier O2 is set to get a White version of the Playstation phone exclusively. Pricing will be the same as the standard XPeria Play for between £499.99-539.99. In the US, users will have to settle for the stock Xperia Play, as it has been announced at $400 without contract or $199 with a two year agreement through Verizon. As we reported earlier today, it has been rumored that AT&T may pick it up soon after.

Accessories include a matching white dock to serve as a charging and sync station. The Xperia Play will come with 5-10 games preloaded on purchase. Game site Glu has announced that they will offer Xperia games for under $10, with a typical range of between $1 and 3 dollars per title through app site GLU . Sadly, there are no plans to bring the White Play to the US at the moment.

[via Droid Gamers]