With a lot of mobile users now becoming reliant on their messaging apps to take care of their communication needs, a lot of these apps have been coming up with various features and updates in order to get a bigger share of the market. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is of course one of the more popular ones having reached 1 billion users earlier this year, but they have been continually adding new features. The latest beta version now has voicemail and callback options, features that will be attractive to those who use the app a lot to make voice calls.

WhatsApp Beta version 2.16.189 will now have options for users if the contact they’re calling doesn’t answer. There are three options for you: cancel the call, call them back (until they answer), or the more important option for some, leave a voice message. If you choose the third one, you will be taken to a screen where you can start recording a voice message which your contact will receive when they finally see that they missed a call from you.

If you’re not yet on the WhatsApp beta program, you can still join as it is open to the public. You just need to go to this link to be able to get access to it. Don’t worry, there is no lengthy application process here, you just have to click a few buttons and you’re good to go. If you already have the regular WhatsApp, you’ll get an update so you’ll be able to have the test version.

There is no news yet as to when the voice message feature will make it to the full version of WhatsApp. So if you want to experience it and help them make it better, better join the beta program.

VIA: SlashGear