If you’ll take a quick look at the video below, you’ll see my local Apple store, the one that’s about 15 miles away from the place where I’m sitting right now, filmed by intrepid Apple phone lover’s friend or relative ojezap. This Apple store is located in the Mall of America, aka one of the largest malls in the entire world, right here in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. What you’ll notice is that there’s two people walking into the store and a relatively giant hoard of Apple workers inside the store cheering for them. What’s going on here?

This is the launch day ceremony for the Verizon iPhone 4.

The next glaring example of how surreal the event is comes up closer to the end of the 33 second clip, that being the queue barriers stopping absolutely noone from getting out of line because there is no line. Then you’ll see a man wearing headphones and what appears to be sweatpants walking briskly by. This man is participating in the excellent opportunity afforded by the mall for those wishing to get some exercise in the winter without freezing their noses off in the zero-degree weather outside.

AKA noone is here, the mall isn’t open yet. Apple opened this location early so they could take care of what they assumed were going to be mobs of Apple fanatics, Minneapolis uptown hipsters, and podlings from all the suburbs in the area. Turns out they didn’t show up. Or, more likely, they were a bit more patient than expected.

So what’s all this got to do with Android? It’s not so much about what it has to do with Android now as it is about what it’ll have to do with Android in the very near and then extended future of the mobile industry. You know as well as I do that people aren’t going to cancel their contract with one phone company just to go to another extremely similar phone company to sign up for brand new 2 year contract on essentially the same device, especially when they know Apple announces SOMETHING new every year – this year looking likely to be the year of iPhone 5, iPad 2, and oh, I dunno, Nano Light Bright Air.

Android is protected from this no-line fate.

We’ll let the next few months decide.


  1. Fandroids shouldn’t celebrate so early. People are ordering online nowadays. No reason to wait out in the cold for a device that’s old news anyway.

    • Oh no. We say that about Android releases and iFools claim that’s not the case. So its not Finns work for the iPhone. The thing just isn’t as big a deal on Verizon as it had been made out to be. Now we’ll get to hear all the flap about people waiting for the iPhone 5 just like we heard when sales were stagnant for the first part of the year. And after the iPhone 4 dropped sales remained flat. Simply put Android is in no danger from the iPhone.

      • So 8 months ago when it was released people didn’t the the internet to purchase phones? Good phone, but its old news and in 3-4 months it will be even older news.

  2. At least somebody is reporting on this. The media was anxious to report crazy sales bit now they ate quiet. One report from San Francisco said there were more reporters at the store than customers. And one analyst says he believes the preotders were only around 100K. The highest Inhavr seen was 500K. That’s not the pent up demand that iFools have claimed. And it certainly doesn’t look like people just bought Android because they couldn’t get an iphone and were ready to switch. The media just sold a bunch of wolf tickets.


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