As virtual reality (VR) is getting to be a more commonplace and ubiquitous technology, it is but right to make sure we are using the technology correctly, without danger to our equipment or even to our physical bodies. The lenses of the Samsung Gear VR are pretty powerful, and they need to be to give you that 3D effect when in VR. But they can also bring a bit of danger is not used correctly.

First warning – never leave your Gear VR headset outdoors face down. Depending on the angle of sunlight, the lenses can magnify the light and project it onto your smartphone or phablet screen. That might cause some real damage to your device. There have been instances of smartphones getting physical burn damage on the screen because of this.


Second warning – never use the Gear VR without a docked phone in it. The result is that your eyes might get damaged physically when sunlight is focused on them. That will be very, very bad – and it will hurt you as well. NEVER look into the sun with your Gear VR bare headset. This is a safety warning for all.

The third warning is corollary to the second one – never let anyone younger than 13 years of age use the headset, mostly for safety reasons. VR is a technology understood mostly by people older than 13 as they have had exposure to this kind of information already.

Consider yourself warned. Keep safe while enjoying your Gear VR headset!

VIA: Road to VR