Vizio is more widely known for their beautiful TV’s that many of us watch our favorite NFL games on, but they are now heading into the Android tablet market with the Vizio Tablet. The tablet should go on sale sometime in July but you can pre-order now and they should ship on or around July 18th.

This information coming from the official Vizio Tablet Page the 8″ Android tablet is starting at just $399 and it comes with the Folio Case and a 16GB MicroSD card. Recently the tablet was shown off a bit and you can see that here.

For all the news as of late regarding the Vizio Tablet check out our portal by clicking here. Recently we got a look of the tablet in action with NBA All-Star Blake Griffin playing with the tablet in his home, you can see that video below.

The Vizio Tablet should launch for $349 at places like Walmart and the price at the Vizio site of $399 is a bundle deal for pre-orders. Will you be ordering one?