VIZIO may not exactly be the top name to come to mind when asked about media streaming but its SmartCast App is slowly gaining traction in the industry. The brand is more popular for its line of stream-friendly displays and ecosystem. A couple of weeks ago, Vizio launched the SmartCast sound bars with Google Cast much to the excitement of Android-loving audiophiles.

Today, we learned that the app will be integrated with Google Play streaming. This is something anticipated since the app is known for media streaming. We knew it was only a matter of time before it will “play” with Google. With the updated SmartCast app, users can control their SmartCast devices from anywhere at home. It makes media casting at home easier too because of the built-in Chromecast support.

This expansion and integration of Google Play Movies & TV further advance the idea of media streaming in the comforts of the home. Cables and cords will be reduced some more because the streaming makes everything wireless.

With Google Play integration, expect to experience what Google Casting is all about. The app turns any Android device into a remote control apart from being a main streaming source. Some other changes include improved usability plus the Quick Start mode. The latter turns on available SmartCast displays over Wi-Fi network once casting has started from a device.

The SmartCast app allows users to search across multiple devices and sources and by genre so a user won’t be confused with the numerous items available. Note that this updated VIZIO SmartCast app can be enjoyed on the brand’s many displays from several lines like the E series Home Theater, Ultra HD HDR displays, and VIZIO SmartCast P or M series with Chromecast support.

Download VIZIO SmartCast App from the Google Play Store