If you’ve ever fallen into the blackhole of such social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc, then you know that they have made it almost impossible for you to leave their apps until you realize that you have spent half a day just looking at pictures of cute cats. Vine is one of those apps, and the latest feature in its updated Android app will make you stay even more, as it will show you similar vines based on what you’re viewing at the moment.

Basically, as you’re viewing your stream or looking at a certain user’s profile, you’ll see a “Similar Vines” button underneath. When you click on it, it might open up a whole new world of other Vines and other users that the algorithm says you might like. So if you’ve been watching a whole lot of One Direction-related Vines (no judgement here), then you will probably be redirected to 5SOS, Justin Bieber or other teen pop-related Vines. The app will judge you on your viewing behavior of course.

Vine says that they will understand and determine what posts to recommend the more that you watch and even interact with fellow Vine viewers and creators. This is part of the new recommendation engine that they’ve been working on, that aims to make you just want to stay in the app forever (or at least when you have free time).

The update has rolled out for Android users, so make sure you’ve already updated your app. Vine is hoping you enjoy going “literally down a rabbit hole of content.”