Viber introduced self-destructing Secret Messages last February and looks like it’s not the last the company will be unveiling. In an attempt to become more like Snapchat with posts that disappear after a short period of time, Viber is launching a new secret chats feature for those messages you don’t want to save. Secret chats are similar to secret messages only this time, entire conversations are deleted.

Self-destructing posts have become popular because they allow people not to put everthing out there. The idea is for any post online be gone forever. That is contrary to saving and archiving but it actually makes sense. This time, Viber will launch secret chats that can also prevent screenshots. This makes a particular chat more private, safe, and secure. You can still choose to save the chat though if you need it for future reference.

Secret chats offer the following: a self-destuct timer, screenshot alerts, message forwarding protection, and end-to-end encryption. It makes Viber more private than ever as users are prevented from forwarding messages and taking screenshots. This way, there will be no future leak.

This makes sense because in this day and age, anything can be compromised, leaked, or hacked. Publishing or sharing stuff you’re not supposed to is rampant but Viber’s new secret chats aims to protect the consumers.