One of the constant requests from Viber users is that the app should let us backup our conversations on a file or on the cloud. Well, finally, the powers that be have listened. In the latest update to the messaging app, users will now be able to back up text messages and then restore them to another device. You will also now be able to send GIFs to your loved ones, since it has become a standard for most messaging apps. Plus, if your country supports it, you can also now send money to your contacts using Viber.

But probably the feature that most people will love with this update is the fact that you will finally get the chance to backup all the conversations that you want, so in case your phone gets lost or it crashes or you have to uninstall the Viber app, you will still be able to restore the messages that are important to you in your new device or your newly installed app. The messages will be backed up to your cloud, which is basically Google Drive (sorry Dropbox users).

Another feature that users might enjoy is the ability to send GIFs. Along with emoticons, these moving-pictures-that-are-technically-not-videos are the primary form of communication for a lot of people (well, we mean aside from words). You will now be able to send them to your various conversations, and whoever you’re talking to will receive them in a continuous-loop autoplay.

Lastly, you can now send money from the US to anywhere in 200 countries and territories through Viber. This feature is powered by Western Union. You can send cash for pickup from a Western Union agent or directly deposit the money to a bank account, but the latter is limited to almost 50 countries. You can check if your app is already ready for update to be able to experience these new features.