Lest you forget that Motorola is more than just a smartphone brand, their other division, Motorola Accessories has just announced a couple of new products from them, at least in the UK. The Dash Cam is a smart camera that is especially designed for cars and will be of interest for those who, well, have automobiles. But for everyone else, especially those who are into music while working out (or doing anything, really), then the Verve Loop is the one you’ll be paying attention to.

The VerveLife range of products has brought you several good audio accessories already. The latest addition to their line is the Verve Loop, a sports wireless headphones that is similar to its sort of predecessor, the VerveOnes ME, but is more affordable and therefore a bit lower in specs. The in-ear Bluetooth wireless device can be used to listen to music, the audio of the video you’re watching, as well as to make voice calls since it has an in-line microphone.

It has the same HD audio with its APTX codec and is also water resistant with its IPX4 certification as the more expensive VerveOnes ME. But it is 40-50% cheaper at just £34.99 . It has plastic ear pieces and a 5mm driver plus it has a 6 hour playtime before you have to recharge it. You will be able to buy the Verve Loop through Argos and soon in other retail stores in Europe.

They also introduced the Motorola Dash Cam which has a 2.7-inch LCD screen and can record 1080p videos and give you a 120-degree wide angle lens. The camera can record everything from your dashboard and comes with a microSD card so you have enough space. It can come in handy during accidents or altercations with other vehicles. It normally costs £79.99 but is now on a special markdown price of £59.99 at Argos.

VIA: Motorola Fans