T-Mobile may have been making waves the past few weeks, but Verizon doesn’t want to be left out of the news cycle, but on a less controversial topic of course. The carrier has announced that they are now rolling out LTE Advanced or LTE-A connection across the US and subscribers don’t even have to do anything or make additional payments to be able to enjoy this. It is now available in 461 locations from coast-to-coast and for up to 288 million people across the country.

LTE-A is basically just another term for carrier aggregation. This means that to bring faster internet speeds to subscribers, they are combining bandwidth from multiple channels. In the case of Verizon, they’re using 700MHz, AWS, and PCS spectrum to be able to bring a maximum of around 255 (dual channel) – 300 (triple channel) Mbps and they’re combining both dual and triple channel aggregation.. The US carrier is promising 50% in peak speeds for those who are already using “typical LTE”.

They also promise that the major cities on the map aren’t the only ones to receive LTE-A but even the more rural parts as well. Currently, there are 39 devices that are compatible with LTE Advanced, including most of the newest Samsung devices, starting with the Galaxy S6 onwards, the HTC 10, and the Droid Turbo 2. They also promised that future Android devices will actually support LTE-A out of the box.

As stated, you don’t need to do anything in order to experience LTE-A. If your area is included in the initial rollout, then you’ll just supposedly notice that your Internet is faster.

VIA: SlashGear