Verizon let us know today that they came out on top in J.D. Power and Associates Wireless Customer Care Full Service Study, ranking the major cell phone providers in the United States based on surveys taken in the latter half of 2011. J.D. Power asked customers who had recently contacted their provider through the web, on the phone or in person, and Verizon received the greatest accolades among its users. The achievement is the second in a row for Big Red.

Thee other three service providers in the US, including AT&T and T-Mobile, all recieved a two out of five rating from the J.D. Power survey. Verizon scored an impressive five out of five, soundly beating all comers. Note that this survey didn’t factor in wireless coverage or speed (thought that was almost certainly a contributing factor to the mood of those surveyed) just the performance of customer service representatives. Seperate surveys are conducted for wireless providers that offer contract-free services; in that survey, Virgin Mobile came out on top.

J.D. Power notes that customers with 4G devices are almost twice as likely to call customer service than those who have 3G phones. The firm speculates that this is because of confusion or frustration over smaller 4G coverage areas, both with HSPA+ (AKA “fake 4G”) and LTE networks. 38% of users who went online for help used the newfangled live chat function, and 40% of applicants contacted their service provider because their device was malfunctioning. You can read the full report on J.D. Power and Associates’ website.

UPDATE: we’ve received a bit of a clarification from AT&T who note the following:

“AT&T was again named No. 1 in walk-in customer service by J.D. Power as part of its 2012 Wireless Customer Care Survey – Volume 1, and third overall. We remain dedicated to continuous improvement so we can deliver the industry’s best products and services with exceptional customer care.” – AT&T

The customer care saga continues!