As the carrier wars continue to heat up, with each company trying to lure their competitors’ customers, you would expect even more treats from the biggest (and even the smaller ones) of these carriers. But in a somewhat surprising move, the US’ largest wireless carrier, Verizon is actually upping its plan prices which may seem contrary to attracting more users. The good news is that they are also increasing the data allocation for these plans so it should be all good right?

Well of course it really depends on whether or not you want to spend more or what kind of data allowance you need. This is all part of Verizon’s move to overhaul all of its plans in order to match or be more competitive with other more aggressive carriers like T-Mobile, which calls itself the uncarrier. While there is no official word from Verizon to actually confirm these price hikes, a spokesperson said that there will be “fireworks” when they hold a press conference on Wednesday to “unveil a transformational wireless experience.”

Part of the changes is supposedly the Carryover Data program which will allow users to rollover their unused data to their next month’s usage. This reflects the current trend of “data hungry” customers, particularly because media streaming and live broadcasting are among the things that people now do on their mobile devices. They will also be introducing the My Verizon app, which will allow you to control your data usage, including the Safety Mode which will help you avoid overage fees.

As for the price hike, the price increases will be between $5-$10 depending on the plan and the data allocation will increase anywhere from 1GB – 6GB per month. Details below.

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