US Cellular has begun testing out a new trial program. One that will allow perspective customers to test out the network before they sign a two-year commitment. This program sounds interesting enough, but at the moment it is limited to a select few markets. The testing is being done in Knoxville, Tennessee; Medford, Oregon and Rocky Mount, North Carolina and could be expanded if this trial period goes well.

US Cellular hasn’t offered any details in terms of when the trial period will come to a close, however they have given some details on the program itself. It all seems simple enough, basically, those considering a switch to US Cellular would be able to use a device on the network for one full week.

The carrier is saying that customers “deserve to know what to expect from a wireless network” before they sign. Hence the one week trial period. After all, one weeks worth of regular usage should be enough time to tell you whether you will see sufficient service in the area where you live, work or play.

On that thought, while US Cellular may not be as big or as talked about in comparison to other US carriers, they do have a decent selection of devices. They recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and have even announced that pre-orders of the GALAXY S 4 will go live on April 16. US Cellular also has the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III which are currently priced at $299.99 and $99.99 respectively.

[via Fierce Wireless]