ZTE is on hand at MWC 2015 in Spain and has announced what it claims to be one of the world’s first smartphones that offers leading EyeVeify technology inside. The EyeVerify tech allows the user a password free smartphone experience thanks to the eye-based biometric solution.

The biometric solution is called Eyeprint ID and it offers a password free method to unlock the device and bring additional security to your private data. The security solution works by imaging the unique vein patterns in the eye using the Grand S3’s front facing camera.

ZTE says that Eyeprint ID will be used in other upcoming ZTE Grand devices in the future. The service will also soon be integrated with payment and other application data. How exactly the technology is used is unknown at this point.

It’s unclear just how close the user has to hold the camera to their eye for the Eyeprint ID system to operate. The ZTE Grand S3 with the Eyeprint ID technology is available for purchase now in China for 2999 RMB. The smartphone originally launched on January 17 in China and has won an iF Design Award 2015.