Over at the Prepaid Press Expo in Las Vegas, mobile provider Ultra Mobile announced an addition to its no-contract plans. Ultra Zero is a new feature that allows subscribers to make calls to Canada, the UK, China, Mexico, and Singapore at almost no cost.

Ultra Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides prepaid mobile services to customers across the US, catering especially to individuals with families or friends living outside the country. The new Ultra Zero feature offers international calls to selected countries at 0 cents per minute for the first 1,000 minutes. Afterwards, calls to the mentioned countries will cost 1 cent per minute.

Ultra Mobile is also introducing new features to its tiered offerings, which start at $19 per month. All plans now include 4G data, unlimited international SMS, international calling, and international calling credit. It has also reduced its rates for international calls to other countries not covered by Ultra Zero.

Ultra Mobile wants to differentiate itself from other mobile operators by bundling international services to its monthly data plans, removing the need for calling cards and global messaging addons. Ultra Mobile SIMs work on any unlocked mobile phone and provides nationwide coverage.

SOURCE: Business Wire