Udacity, known for their online degrees in software development and technology, is putting out a nanodegree for virtual reality (VR) development. The Udacity VR Developer nanodegree will help aspiring VR app and software developers get started on this specific path, even as the VR industry is fast gaining momentum.

Udacity has worked with Google VR and HTC Vive, two VR platform leaders, to put out this curriculum. They are joined by Upload, a leader in VR/AR (augmented reality) news, events and content. Lastly, elements of the curriculum will be using Unity, a widely used game engine and editor for VR platform game apps.


The VR Developer nanodegree aims to start off developers with skills such as developing apps and content for mobile phone-based and desktop-based VR, using game engines for game development, the basics of VR design and user interaction, performance and ergonomics, and using different VR platforms such as HTC Vive, Google VR, Daydream, and Oculus Rift.


If you’re interested, the VR Developer Nanodegree program is USD$199 a month. Udacity degrees are almost always focused on doing projects, so this will get you ready for the real world pretty fast.