Twitter’s help page is reporting that the apps UberTwitter and twidroid have been suspended for policy violation. Another source reports that UberMedia’s recent acquisition, Echofon, also got the flag. There were no other details as to why these apps have been benched. Twitter does mention, however, that this is a usual practice to keep the health and vitality of the Twitter platform as a whole.

As part of this effort, we ask applications that work with Twitter to abide by a simple set of rules that we believe are in the interests of our users, and the health and vitality of the Twitter platform as a whole. We often take actions to enforce these rules.

Also, Techcrunch has a note from a Twitter executive that states the action was taken because Uber Media was guilty of violation of privacy and trademark infringements in an effort to further monteize their services. WOW. Usually, when a suspension is warranted, it affects a small segment of the Twitterverse and goes unannounced, but because this decision affects such a wide array of Twitter fans, an exception was made to disclose it. Until the situation is resolved, Twitter recommends using their own Twitter client for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. And that’s not a bad thing as we think Twitter’s client is indeed excellent and easy to use. They also provide a link to third party and other official Twitter apps here.

Since UberMedia owns all three Twitter apps in the Penalty box, we can’t help but wonder who’s next on the chopping block. TweetDeck perhaps? Worth watching this as it unfolds.

[via Twitter Support]