The secret to “converting” more people to using mobile payment gateways is to have more banks supporting the platform. And while most major banks in the US are already in, we of course need even more to join to get more users and everyone will be happy eventually. The latest one to join the party is U.S. Bank and its MasterCard members who can now use either Android Pay or Samsung Pay to make purchases in participating establishments as well as for some online purchases.

If you choose to use Android Pay, you will now use your U.S. Bank MasterCard consumer and small business credit cards to make secure payments without having to pull out the actual card. Once you load your details onto the app, you can make payments in over one million locations and also some supported Android apps. New Android devices already have Android Pay pre-loaded, but you can also download it for free from the Google Play Store, as long as your device has NFC and runs on KitKat and higher.

If you have a newer Samsung device, then you can also use your U.S. Bank MasterCard to link it to Samsung Pay. It can be used to pay any establishment that has terminals with both magnetic-stripe readers (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC as well.

Both payment gateways do not send your credit card details to the terminals used, so technically, it might be more secure than using an actual card to pay for your purchases. Let’s hope even more banks and financial institutions support mobile payment gateways soon.