So you’re an avid mobile gamer. Did you know there’s an arcade game that helps improve typing skills? That sounds very geeky but that’s the effect of Type 2 Kill. Judging from the name of the game, you only need to type certain letters to kill the enemies. Your typing skills will be put to a test with this game that also boasts of great visual effects and HD graphics.

This is a dual-stick shooter but it’s not your usual game that allows senseless and hapless shooting. You need to aim and fire by simply typing on your keyword. If you watch the game trailer video, you’ll notice game is in portrait orientation. I think the real challenge is to type as fast and accurately as possible. It’s not really the shooting or aiming the villains.

You can pick up items along the way, as well as, launch flares by tapping on the touchscreen. Expect to see super tanks and try to finish the EAC attack helicopter. The game has several rounds where environment changes every time. You won’t get easily bored with this game because of the changing environment that includes new attack patterns and enemy formations that are unique to every level. This way, you’ll have other things to look forward to and not just the letters you need to type. You see, this game requires you to hit a key to hit the enemy.

Game has been around for some time but developer MADE Apps updated it and improved on some stuff. For one, ads have been removed so no more annoying ads showing on your screen while you are playing.

Download Type 2 Kill from the Google Play Store