Twitter takes part in the Play Store beta program, and they also have an alpha testing program. While both are open and available for Android users to take part in, we suspect many avoid both and try to stick with the regular stable releases. While the stability of the regular Play Store releases are a perk, those using the alpha and beta builds do get a bit of an advance look. In this case it seems the alpha users are getting something called “Fave People.”

This is showing up as another timeline option within the app. Fave People is essentially another version of the Twitter Lists, but in this case it seems a little easier to use. Or maybe, easier to understand. The Fave People timeline option is currently sitting just a single swipe away from the Home timeline option, and the first time visiting you get a bit of an explanation.


“Keep track of your favorites

Tap the star icon on the profiles of you favorite people to see their Tweets in this timeline. You can also choose to receive notifications when they tweet from Settings.”

The Fave People intro page then has a link to your Following section which allows you to start populating your favorites list. From that point it is nothing more than a matter of tapping the Star icon that sits to the right of the name and username. Again, this seems to be just another variant of a list.

As we expect with alpha and beta releases, it may take some time before this feature makes it to the regular release. And we suspect, there is always the possibility this feature may never make it to the regular release. This alpha Fave People release could be Twitter testing the functionality, as well as the adoption rate.

VIA: TechCrunch