If you’re a brand on Twitter, sometimes you want to test out how people feel about a certain product, topic, or even just a yes or no question. You could use hashtags or just follow their replies, but collating the results may be a bit of a pain. But now the micro-blogging giant will be rolling out a service that should make it easier for you to find out the answers to burning questions like, would they want a pumpkin spice flavored dessert all year round. Twitter Polls will be your new best friend.

It’s not really just for brands though as normal Twitter users will also be able to use this feature as well. You could ask your followers if Dress A or Dress B is the more appropriate job interview outfit or if you should see the new Tom Hanks movie or not. The poll will last for 24 hours (no word yet on whether this is just a temporary thing or there’s an option for a shorter or longer time) and you’ll also be able to track the answers for that period as well, and then get the final results after the poll has officially finished.

The best thing (well, for those who like anonymity) about this kind of service is that your vote will not be seen by the poller. While brands would love to track the data on their polls, some people don’t like the idea of people seeing how they voted. With Twitter Poll, all you will be able to see in your poll are the results. Twitter has previously had polls through hashtag vote tallying, reply tracking and retweet vote watching, but this is a much simpler and easier way.

If the update has rolled out to your account, you’ll be able to see a poll icon in your compose box. Just simply type what you want to find out (boxers or briefs, One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer, wine or beer, etc) and then post it on your timeline. And if your followers are active, you’ll see the magic of Twitter Polls in 24 hours.

VIA: SlashGear