If you’ve come to the point where you receive more spam messages on your phone than actual messages from your friends, then it’s either you need to get more friends or unsolicited SMS are really getting out of control. If it’s the former, you might need to go out more to have a social life and we can’t help you with that (there are apps that can though)If it’s the latter, there is a new solution that’s out there in the market and it’s called Truemessenger.

If the name sounds familiar, yes, they are from the same developers that have brought us Truecaller and Truedialler, apps that have helped users manage those unwanted calls from people you don’t actually know. The same principle behind those apps will also now be applied to SMS through Truemessenger. Even if the number texting you is not actually on your phonebook, the app will try to identify the sender using the power of more than 150 million users to help identify that number, and whether or not they’re actually spammers.

If you’ve confirmed that it is indeed a number that constantly sends out spam, you can block and report the number, together with other members of the community, so action will be taken. And just in case you do know who’s messaging you, but you don’t want to receive any messages from that contact, you also have the option to not get messages from them. The app will also let you create advanced filtering options, which can include known spam keywords or numbers.


One other bonus that this app brings you is an exclusive Truemessenger message alert tone from house music powerhouse Avicii. These are all well and good, but only if you’re in India. Truemessenger is just available for now in that country, so if you live there, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Truecaller