Extreme bike riding is probably one of the toughest (not to mention dangerous) but coolest individual sports around. But what if you’re not built (or are too lazy) to endure the training needed to become a great biker? What if the only exercise you get is moving your finger back and forth a screen or flexing your wrists by tilting and turning your mobile device? Then the solution to that is the latest edition in the Trial Xtreme series.

Trial Xtreme 4 is the latest in what they say is “the best trial bike riding game ever.” You get to experience over 70 levels of motoring fun, all while not moving from the comfort of your seat. This physics based game takes bike riding into sometimes ridiculous levels, but hey, as long as you don’t hurt yourself (except for spraining a finger), then it should be fun yes? The responsive controls will help you get through all the crazy obstacles you need to face. You can also upgrade your bike, its abilities, and performance, depending how much game cash you have.

If you want to race against other bike riders from around the world, you can enter the extreme tournaments arena where you can win prizes. And if you’re the top driver, you can get yourself some “sponsorship deals” and earn additional cash. If you feel like betting on other drivers, you can choose to play the extreme duels mode, which seems pretty self-explanatory. You can also go through the extreme courses, where you just ride for the sheer joy of moving through an insane 3D arena.

You can get Trial Xtreme 4 for free from the Google Play Store. But there are also in-app purchases available so be careful, unless you don’t mind paying for some things you would need or rather, want, in the game.