Users of productivity app Trello have long been requesting to have offline access so you can still do everything you need to do even if you don’t have Internet connection. Now these users who have been leaving comments on app store reviews have received a belated Christmas/New Year’s gift from the developers as offline for mobile is finally available for your Android device. They may be a bit too late to the party since most apps have this feature already, but it’s still good news for those who have a lot of projects and to-do lists on their plate.

Basically, the new update lets you work on your various boards and cards and lists even when you are offline. The moment that you have internet connection, all your data will then be synced across the app so that everyone you’re connected with will be updated with all the changes and additions that you have made. Even when you don’t have any Internet or data, you can create boards, re-arrange the items and your workflow, assign members to certain cards, add descriptions, dates, labels, and checklists. You can also add pictures to the cards and leave comments and even emojis.

The update also brings quicker loading of boards and cards when you receive a notification that someone has commented or added a board or card. It will also preload your starred boards, plus the important cards and boards on your plate, even when you’re offline.

You can update your Trello app from its Google Play page so you can enjoy all these offline goodies. Go and be as productive as you want wherever you may be.

SOURCE: Trello