The WWE Tough Enough App takes me back to my childhood when Hulk Hogan was the only popular wrestling hero for me. I know wrestling has changed a bit over the years but it still is the same entertaining reality TV show. Don’t say you’re too old for all those wrestling drama because admit it or not, you are entertained.

WWE Tough Enough is the official app of the show that allows you to decide who will get a WWE contract. You can help decide who stays in the program. The app makes the TV show more interactive than ever because viewers like you and me can vote in real-time while the program is showing on TV. The top competitors will be decided by the audience so feel free to send in your votes.

With the app, you can also view audition videos, as well as, the contenders and pretenders. You can get to know more about the contestants as exclusive content and access to them are allowed from the app. Use this app as a second-screen especially when watching WWE and get to stream original content. For a more complete experience, you can follow those WWE Tough Enough trainers and judges on social media, view highlight and photos of each episode, get up-to-the-minute results, and follow WWE Tough Enough judges and trainers.

Download Tough Enough from the Google Play Store