We now have another Android tablet option on the market from Toshiba. If you are looking for an Android tablet, Toshiba has announced that its FOLIO 100 is now shipping. Sister site SlashGear went hands on with the FOLIO 100 back in September. The tablet is shipping as of now all across Europe and sadly US availability looks unlikely.

If you missed the tablet the first time around it has a 10.1-inch screen and can run all the apps that are offered for Android devices. It will play Flash video and content with a plug-in that will be offered as a free download sometime this month. The tablet runs Android 2.2.

That 10.1-inch screen support multi touch with four points at one time and runs the Tegra 2 chipset. The tablet also has the sort of connectivity you expect in netbooks with a USB port and a mini USB port, a headphone socket, HDMI output, and a SD card slot. The internal storage on the tablet is 16GB and the battery promises seven hours per charge.